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Let's save New Mexico. I've switched over to run for 2024 Bernalillo County Clerk -- CLICK to visit

You can Elect Robert Kwasny for US Senate for the Great State of New Mexico in 2026 because he's working for
ALL New Mexicans, NOW... Every Day!

I did run for Senate to break the Democrat and EMERGE Stranglehold on our Legislative Process... and I'll be back in 2026 to run against Current Junior US Senator Ben Ray Lujan.

With a near super majority it couldn't be more dangerous for New Mexico!

When Nella Domenici announced I got out of her way so she could follow in her father's footsteps and become the Common Sense Senator New Mexico always needed. Her name recognition is excellent and she's got the party behind her! 

So I switched over to run for Bernalillo County Clerk so that New Mexicans can have Voter Integrity...

Our Secretary of State is the QUEEN of Dirty Tricks and there needs to be a counterbalance. I have the experience to be that counterbalance.

Let's Save NM & America in 2024

America has gone off the rails... and we are going to get it back on the RIGHT TRACK !!

It's WAY PAST TIME to have someone working for YOU that has been ELECTED... not SELECTED...
I've been doing the work of an Elected Senator already.

DEMOCRATS are breaking the US & NM CONSTITUTIONS... With a COMPLETE VIOLATION of 2nd Amendment protection of your rights -- I won't let that happen!

Biden is even trying to unconstitutionally force background checks for PRIVATE gun sales and ONLY Congress can make such a change!!

Voter Integrity, the Referendum Project, 1st and 2nd Amendment Protections.

We will teach Conservatives all across America the best-hidden strategies from some of the best mentors in the industry...
Going to teach you about Leverage and Multipliers.
Between NOW and November 5th there is a LOT to do!!

Let's get to it... TOGETHER, we will bring America back from the Brink of Destruction...

LEARN.. how to make a difference !!

Let's Save NM & America in 2024

Robert Joseph Kwasny New Clerk For NM
Flip New Mexico -- it's time to END the Super Majority

It's time for a


New Mexico...

Let's save New Mexico. I've switched over to run for Bernalillo County Clerk -- CLICK to visit
Donate for the American Way

Your Donations will absolutely FUEL THE SOFTWARE that will reverse YEARS worth of NM DNC Corruption... 98 years of RUINING New Mexico is too long already!

FFL Licensed Dealers
I'm fighting YOUR fight.

With AWESOME Software!

VITAL to Stop if possible but reverse for sure...

These newest 2nd Amendment VIOLATIONS !!

LawFare -- is ABSOLUTELY a TWO Way Street...

Martin Heinrich

What Has He Done


Never Here...

Doesn't live here...

Write to him and you get a canned response...

I've ALREADY been working for YOU in the LAST 11 months Saving NEW Mexico !!!

I'm speaking to you from the heart about how and why "TheFoundersFoundation" was created. LEARN about the "White Hat Matrix's" POWER...

Why Elect Robert Kwasny for US Senate for the Great State of New Mexico in 2026??

Experienced at creating

Family Business Manager, joined the USAF during the Vietnam Conflict.

Multiple Businesses in High Tech... After 48 years of personally attending and presenting to multiple business and marketing conferences all around the world, New Mexico will benefit greatly from my level of problem solving expertise.

I have SIX continuous decades of Service to Others... but more on that ... in one of the videos below.

NEVER BEEN A POLITICIAN... but worked within Corporate Politics for major and minor corporations...

Ford, GM, NASA and hundreds of locally owned businesses... always solving problems and guiding businesses to their best possible solutions.

New Mexico is a Beautiful State,

in NEED of a Serious Management Upgrade...